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Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. Along with the dictionary, which as always has pride of place, this volume also offers a substantial chronology that helps read-ers keep track of events, a plethora of abbreviations and acronyms in their own section, and some rather useful appendixes.


This is topped. This book was written by Martin H. Folly and Niall A. Both are British historians who specialize in U. That is cer-tainly not a bad thing; in fact, it can have many positive aspects, in that much less is simply assumed and much more has to be pointed out and explained. Folly is a senior lecturer in U. His expertise is largely in U.

Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations

Palmer is a lecturer in politics and history at the same university. He, too, has written extensively on U. As we all know, it is extremely important to learn from the past.

As we tend to forget, it is just as easy to learn the wrong things as the right things. But at least knowing the past better will be a precious contribution to getting the lessons right. Marines land in Haiti.

Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations (Historical Dictionaries of U.S. Diplomacy)

Marines land at Veracruz, Mexico. Mexico agreement signed. Great Britain declares war on Germany. United States declares neutrality. Britain and France. Wilson sends an ultimatum to Germany to stop submarine warfare. First Russian revolution begins. Historical Dictionary of U. Published on Dec View Download Blume, Weatherbee, This is topped off by an extensive bibliography, which can point interested readers in the right direction to learn more about any specific aspect or the period in general.

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Description This book includes an introductory essay outlining main themes and problems of the era, a chronology of main events, and over 1, separate cross-referenced dictionary entries exploring all aspects of American Diplomacy. Additionally, appendixes providing lists of presidents; secretaries of state, war, and navy; all American diplomatic ministers and ambassadors, and most U.

A photographic section with images of significant individuals and locations and a massive bibliography that is essential due to the neglect of literature on the epoch until recent decades conclude this work. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Other books in this series. Add to basket.

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Presidents, Chapter 9 B. Secretaries of State, Chapter 10 C.

Secretaries of War, Chapter 11 D. Secretaries of the Navy, Chapter 12 E. Review quote This is a very useful resource for this important period of U. Its inclusion of important documentary resources like Foreign Relations of the United States is particularly laudable Conference"-the international conference in which Argentina, Brazil, and Chile attempted to mediate a dispute between the United States and Mexico-to "Zionism," this dictionary by Blume history, Albany College of Pharmacy provides informative entries related to US diplomatic history from to The entries cover historical events and conceptual terms such as the two cited above, but the bulk of the material consists of entries on historic persons involved with or important to the history of American diplomacy.

The dictionary also includes an overview essay, a chronology, a bibliography, as well as appendixes listing the US Presidents; Secretaries of State, War, and the Navy; and members of the diplomatic corps for the time period. About Kenneth J.